Welcome to the planetarium
There is an infinite radiance that
never ceases to be beautiful
star-studded sky waiting for you all

ChiTuDeXiaoZhi / Rikka_6

Who is Rikka_6

If a girl of a certain color meets a boy of a certain color, what color will they form?

It will be pure white just like a newly paved canvas ! with the color of the future.

so love must be white, can let two people describe down the pure and pure white.

How lucky to meet you!

Hallo,here is ChiTuDeXiaoZhi Rikka_6 ,21years old,also a student studying for a master's degree in medicine,be Curious about everything,Love It and ACG,loading study hard mode......

Hope to meet you under the stars in the bitsea!

  • HTML5/CSS3

    The ability to create a website
  • JavaScript/Typescript

    The ability to use modern-day wheels
  • Medicine

    The ability to master basic medicine
  • Design field

    The power of pleasing the eye
  • Music

    The ability to perceive music
  • Make something possible

    The ability to Warp space-time
  • Magic

    To the same degree as the average person
  • ACG

    The power as にじげん